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My unlikely journey towards becoming an athlete and wellness instructor informs my unique method to achieve your goals. Rooted in a highly customized approach, YBL Wellness combines meal and workout plans with hypnotherapy and therapeutic imagery to harness your mind + body connection.

What I Can Help You With

My Story

I grew up in a small village deeply committed to a religious way of life. As a little girl, I didn’t ride a bike and had no idea what being a “runner” meant. Fitness was mostly off-limits and considered a secular societal trend.

What do you get with YBL by D I N I?

Detox & Cleanse
Meal Plan


Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss & Wellness

Weekly Check-Ins &

Free Consultation
In depth exploration of services and support options

YBL Wellness Program

Has it been a while since you’ve fallen in love with your body? If you’ve suffered from body trauma, injury or are trying to lose weight, you need a wellness plan that fits you.

Dini’s precision-driven method will set you on a path so you don’t keep checking the scale for results. From now on, you will measure results by how you look and feel.

3 Month YBL Wellness

1 Month YBL Wellness



Chani’s Story

Exactly 6 weeks ago, I called you out of desperation. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. After speaking with you on the phone, I already felt better. We started training two days later and WOW has my life changed since then. You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I feel mentally and physically strong and finding hope where I didn't before. Your love for what you do really shines through and I feel so supported on this journey to living a healthy lifestyle.
I lost eight pounds in six weeks and quit smoking cigarettes for three weeks now. This morning I hiked to one of my favorite peaks in LA. It’s a six mile hike with some really challenging parts. I haven't done this hike in almost two years because I wasn’t physically able to. Today, although challenging, I made it! I can't even describe the amount of joy and gratitude I felt when I reached the peak.
Dini, you have given me my life back and I am so incredibly grateful to you for that.

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Elie, Brooklyn, NY

If you think you can't, you never met Dini!

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Rachel (a new mom) Los Angeles, CA

I never thought I could have a flat stomach, now I can’t imagine not having one

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“The physical reality you create, is always the outcome of your mindset”
– Dini Levin