YBL by Dini

My Story

I grew up in a small village deeply committed to a religious way of life. As a little girl, I didn’t ride a bike and had no idea what being a “runner” meant. Fitness was mostly off-limits and considered a secular societal trend.
So it was unlikely for me to become an athlete, a pro-runner, while also pursuing a career as an attorney. Little did I know that even more unlikely events would change my life forever.
The first time was when a bus ran over me while riding my bike home from a spinning class. The second time was soon after the accident when I was told that I would never walk again. It didn’t take long for me to lose the will to live. But eventually, I beat the odds and became a runner all over again.
I’m sharing my story because, during my healing process, I learned some lessons which allowed me to live again. I learned that the power to overcome trauma rests deep within us. That I can will myself to achieve what I was conditioned to think is impossible. To really heal, you have to face the injury, fear, anxiety, and depression head on and choose to live a healthier lifestyle and create a body you are proud of.
When the mind, body, and soul are in tune with each other and share a common language, nothing is neglected and all are operating at optimal function.
One day, when I was laying in bed, immobile and pumped with meds, I realized something. When I left my village all those years ago, all I did was shed one restrictive lifestyle for another: I replaced religion with fitness, daily prayers with daily running groups, and dietary laws with strict nutritional habits. Those replacements helped me cope with anxiety and stress, but didn’t rid me of them.
“Fast isn’t always bad food.”
– Dini Levin
The day I willed my toe to move again after the accident, I learned that my body can do anything my mind tells it to. Every movement is a journey with inherent value and doesn’t have to be measured by the movement that comes after it. This is what being present means. When the movement we are engaged with right now is our only reality, we are able to continuously build momentum until the mind and body  are operating in an intuitive, seamless loop.
That is what living in a body that feels like your own is like.
Training my mind this way opened the door to my ongoing healing process. I created a multifaceted approach to health that allowed my traumatized mind and body to function again. The results were so successful that I decided to share my approach with the people around me.
The life-changes my friends experienced inspired me to become a certified yoga instructor and nutritionist. I started to take on clients while still working as an attorney.
It only took a few years for me to realize that helping people craft a body they love is my life’s purpose. I let go of my career as an attorney, moved to Los Angeles, and opened a practice specializing in healing body trauma.
My training method combines fitness and nutrition to reduce anxiety and stress. This increases body awareness so that you can achieve your overall wellness and nutrition goals. Through hypnotherapy, I guide my clients to reach deep into their subconscious and remove obstacles that have prevented them from being successful in the past.
Every step I take on this earth is one I don’t take for granted anymore. Helping others make every movement count is my way of saying thank you to the universe for granting me the gift of life and the ability to walk again.